Treatment Systems

Operating in close association with Oasis Clearwater Environmental Systems we manufacture, install and service Treatment Systems for Waiheke Island.  We offer Treatment Systems in sizes from 1000 to 10000:

  • Aerated (OCA)
  • Textile Advanced (TEXASS)
  • Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)
  • Retrofit (Retro)

Domestic or Commercial; New System or Upgrade we have a solution to your Treatment System needs

  • Small House (upto 3 bedrooms) – OCA1000
  • Larger House (3+ bedroom) – OCA2000
  • Intermittent Usage – TEXASS 2000
  • Commercial Properties – TEXASS 2000 to 10000
  • System Upgrade
  • Fibreglass – for difficult sites

Oasis Clearwater Treatment Systems are:

  • highly reliable, low maintenance systems
  • designed for minimal noise, smell and mess
  • independently tested and certified 
  • designed to protect the environment