Maintenance & Servicing


Generally concrete tanks with cracks or holes can be repaired. Prior to quoting for repairs we visit your site to check on the condition of the tank and then discuss the nature and extent of the repair required. Use of a temporary tank connected to the pump can ensure continuous water supply if needed.


In much the same way as houses need repainting the interior of concrete water tanks need resealing approximately every 20 years depending on the harshness of the water. Bore water is harder on concrete than rain water.

Re-sealing can be done in conjunction with tank cleaning however, it does take a week or two to dry and be ready for use again. If continuous water supply is required a temporary tank can be connected to your pump.


Tank cleaning is recommended both to maintain water quality as well as to sight the internal condition of the tank walls and base when the tank is clean and empty. Cleaning is best carried out when water levels are low so water loss is kept to a minimum.

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