European & English Style


  • Authentic look of time-worn flagstone pavers
  • Smooth, finely finished texture that creates a weathered, established look
  • Choice of sizes enables a traditional or modern bond pattern
  • A hand-tooled edge paver. Use a standard grouting gap for classic mood or wider spacing creates a Mediterranean finish.
  • The depth of the grouting can accentuate the tooled edge look.


  • Classic, tumbled texture of aged limestone
  • Understated elegant look provides a practical and elegant solution for all interior and exterior applications
  • With NZ’s moderate climate you can appreciate the versatility of the Casa range for outdoor living and pool surround
  • Bullnosepaversenable you to create straight and angled edging for paths, steps, corners and pool edging.
  • Square Cabachontiles can be used alongside Casa pavers as wall tiles, surrounds and edgings


  • Replicate the patina of original flagstone pavers from the Normandy region of France
  • Distressed worn surface provides a highly individual solution for all interior and exterior applications.
  • Can be laid randomly utilising all size options or use the same size pavers for a more contemporary look
  • Square Cabachon tiles can be used alongside Chateaux pavers as wall tiles, surrounds and edgings.


  • Revive the formal courtyard by creating a secondary feature with a secluded or sunny aspect
  • Each piece has the authentic look of natural quarried stone with all edges having an irregular hand-fettled edge
  • Create a full or semi-circle with a choice of 7 sizes
  • Can be purchased as a full Rotunda, separate circles for garden edges or individual pieces to create serpentine pathways
  • The 400 or 600 round paver can be used as the Rotunda centre or as individual stepping stones


  • Allows you to create a contemporary formal garden with a Stone Parterre or Italian Piazza style square
  • Create a courtyard with the Berkeley Square as the feature centrepiece


  • Coping with its width of 275mm is ideal for block walls
  • Utility Pier Capis a 450mm square cap is perfect to top off a block pillar
  • Full Rope Edging compliments your choice of paving and gives a stylish finish
  • Dolly Corner Post is used in conjunction with Rope Edging and complete a formal garden with style

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